Company Profile  |  Vision/Mission

  • 2004 Philippine Marketing Excellence Award
    Most Outstanding Columbarium Complex
  • 2003 Family & Consumers Choice Awardee
    Most Outstanding Comprehensive Memorial Package
Backed up by a technical team of experts honed by years of experience and exposed to many successful projects in Taiwan and elsewhere in the world, Sanctuarium has become the showcase and standard bearer of a totally new concept in memorialization.

The 12-storey landmark towering along Araneta Avenue in Quezon City boasts of its 5-Star hotel amenities to service the living while being the final resting haven for you loved ones. It is the only structure with a mortuary, crematorium, columbarium, religious chapels and audio-visual archives all in one.

Its state-of-the-art functionality goes beyond its modern fume-free environmentally-friendly cremation process, computer controlled “intelligent” building systems, totally secured vaults or its user-friendly audio-visual archives. It is combined with the artistry and comfort of a 5-Star hotel with amenities like a Concierge, 4-level basement parking, scenic elevators, escalators and service elevators, 28 vigil chapels with hotel suite accommodations in its furniture, family rooms with toilet and bath (H&C showers). It comes complete with Genki Japanesque Café, Floral Symphony Flower Shop, and the Mei Hua Convenience Store to meet all the family’s needs.

It is apparent the project offers the best alternative to overcrowded cemeteries that are open to the elements. Moreover, it has take the memorial service a level higher by being sensitive to the individual needs of Christians, Buddhists, and practically all religious sects.

There is no question that the building has set a new standard in future developments.